Surrender Your Senior

We know there are a variety of situations when an owner can no longer care for a senior dog. It's never an easy choice to give up a beloved pet, and this is where Grey Face would like to help. Our goal is to keep animals in their homes and with their original family if at all possible. If you need veterinary information, rental housing information or another resource, please feel free to contact us at before making the decision to surrender. 

If you do decide to surrender your dog, our process is designed to find the most compatible foster home for the dogs that come into our rescue. To get started, please fill out the questionnaire below. The form asks many questions about health, behavior and temperament. Please answer honestly — we are aware that no dog is perfect, and your animal’s issues will not necessarily prevent Grey Face from being able to accept your dog. The more we know, the better job we can do of finding the best possible home, and your candid answers will help us determine whether we have a foster with adequate experience to care for your animal and any special needs.

Please note: We ONLY accept dogs age 7 or older. We also INVOICE a $50 donation before we will process your application. If your dog is formerly from Grey Face Rescue, we will waive the amount. We will also waive the amount if your dog has had the following in the last 6 months (you must provide the vetting records):

  • Rabies and distemper vaccinations

  • Negative fecal test

  • Negative heartworm test

A team member will request that you send all previous vet records to You may also have your vet send them to this email directly. 

Keep in mind, we only accept dogs with certain issues if a foster is available to help. Examples include: 

  • Animal aggression issues

  • History of multiple bites

  • Severe separation anxiety

If your dog has special needs (allergies, seizures, diabetes, etc.) and you are able to help donate toward the care, this also helps us immensely to ensure that the rescue will not take on a large financial obligation that we didn't budget for and it will be less stressful on our team trying to raise the funds needed for the extra care. When you fill out your owner surrender form, please let us know if this is possible.

Once you submit the form, a team member will be in touch with you to talk more about your dog and whether Grey Face can help. Please, be patient with us as we are volunteer based. If you do not hear from us within 7-10 days, please check your spam folder or email us directly at Please be aware that we try to meet as many dogs as we can before being able to commit to them. 

All surrendered animals must be dropped off at our headquarters in St. Cloud by appointment. We also ask that you donate the dog's supplies: food, bowls, leashes, collars, beds, treats, etc., to help ease the transition.

If you have any questions not covered here, please email Thank you for considering Grey Face to help with your rehoming. We appreciate that you are taking such care to help your animal.


Stray Dogs

Grey Face Rescue is often contacted about taking in stray dogs. We first ask the finders if they have exhausted their efforts to find the dog's owners and we will often recommend resources to help. If a stray dog enters Grey Face Rescue, our organization quarantines the animal for seven days. During this time, we do everything we can to find the original owners, including posting on Lost Dogs MN, local Facebook groups, Craigslist, our main Facebook page, as well as our website. 

After the seven-day hold, and if the original owners are not found, Grey Face Rescue becomes the legal owner of the dog. The animal will then receive all necessary vaccinations and treatment required by Grey Face Rescue.  If an owner reaches out to reclaim the dog after the seven-day stray hold, the family must go through all steps of our regular adoption process and, if approved to adopt, will be required to pay the dog's adoption fee.