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$5 Fridays are dedicated to the seniors that enter Grey Face Rescue in need of veterinary care above and beyond a typical well pet visit. These animals require surgery, advanced treatments, ongoing medication and/or prescription food. Incoming seniors are often in desperate need of dental extractions, x-rays and ultrasounds, medical attention from years of neglect or specific food and/or medication to get them on the path to being healthy again. 

YOU can HELP where it's most needed! For only $5, your contribution makes an enormous difference to the life of a senior.  

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Because of $5 Friday, we were able to provide the emergency care for Jocko that he needed. 💊🏥🤗 Jocko came to Grey Face in February. When we knew him before our rescue, he would spend long stretches in a boarding setting where he would get quite anxious about being there. Jocko had a brother named Sparky who passed at the end of last year and since that time he seemed a little lost and heartbroken. Jocko had kind of a difficult transition when he came in. He ended up having to move once because he didn’t settle in very quickly. He needed time and patience.

Enter LaRae, his angel on earth. 😇

LaRae has been caring for Jocko for several months. It hasn’t always been easy, as Jocko can get a little cranky or be a tad standoffish. At night, he sometimes poops and pees inappropriately. And, in the the middle of taking him in, LaRae said goodbye to a sweet member of her family – Gidget, another Grey Face she fostered and ended up falling in love with. Still, she gave Jocko the time and space he needed to settle down and settle in.

Jocko can find it hard to trust. But lately, LaRae said he has started to come greet them. Every day, he has been acting more and more comfortable.

A week ago, Jocko was in his own yard, when a much larger dog walked by and, even though leashed, he got away from his owner and Jocko and him tussled. Luckily, things were broken up quickly, but that night it was clear Jocko was shaken by the incident. The next day we knew why: He had a 4-inch gash on his underside that was not previously visible. LaRae jumped in the car and drove the 45-minute trip back to St. Cloud to check him into the e-clinic, where he had sedation to be stitched up. At 15 years old, that is anything but routine. It was a very long night for everyone after an already long day – LaRae’s husband had just driven in from out of state but he came right there anyway.

Jocko took several days to start eating even a fraction of regularly. If needed, we had a team ready to do a housecall for for him. Before he was surrendered, we promised Jocko that we would do everything we could to fight for him. In people years, he is 105. He has earned respect and deserves to live with dignity.

This week, Jocko came back to the vet clinic for a follow-up with the team that knows him best. He was relaxed. He “smiled” in his way. And he head-hugged people he remembered. He was even good for his exam. But the true test was … he ate like he had no cares and he was QUIET in his kennel. Oh sure, he let out a few barks when the others would ramp up. But on all previous stays, Jocko could sometimes go hours giving the staff the business.

Not anymore. You may not see it fully here, his eyes tell the story and if you see him in person, you’ll know. <3 Jocko is calm. His tail wag means something. He has found trust again. Because of LaRae and her family, Jocko finally feels safe.

We appreciate our fosters so much, especially when they handle challenges with such grace. Thank you to you and your family, LaRae, for everything you give to this old guy and for the love and care you bring to this organization. For every mess you clean up, every plate of scrambled eggs made to ensure meds go down, every gumming your husband takes, all of it – thank you, from all of us, for showing this sweet old man that he matters. <3

☀️ 🌻 ☀️ 🌻 ☀️ 🌻

In addition to the emergency visit after the fight, Jocko is receiving a sedated exam and x-rays today for some hip and knee weakness. Thank you for anything you can give toward Jocko’s healthcare on this $5 fRiDaY – your support makes such an impact for sweet old guys like him. 🙏🤗