Grey Face Rescue & Retirement offers a special hospice program for seniors with minimal life expectancies. We pride ourselves on pulling dogs from humane euthanasia lists through no fault of their own. Many dogs, unfortunately, land on this list due to old age and/or due to illness. Grey Face Rescue & Retirement looks at these situations as opportunities to extend a gentle hand and give massive amounts of love, attention and care during a dog's remaining days, weeks, months or years. All seniors deserve to cross the Rainbow Bridge feeling comfortable, safe and surrounded by love.

Our Hospice Program provides special seniors such as these with quality medical care. We offer top-of-the-line necessities, including the most comfortable beds, warmest blankets, tastiest treats and even a couple of trips to their favorite fast-food joint! It's about making them the happiest of dogs and giving them the opportunity to feel comfortable when it's time to say goodbye. With your help, we can make each dog's last few weeks the best weeks of his or her life!

We accept donations for fast-food restaurants, orthopedic or just REALLY comfortable beds, warm blankets, yummy treats and anything else you think would make our senior dogs super happy. You can view our Amazon Wishlist here. 

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Current Hospice Seniors

A note from Elwood's foster - "Elwood is the sweetest old man we've ever met. His basset traits stick out in his beautiful droopy eyes and posture and his spaniel or pointer shows up in his sniffer. Don't let his age fool you, he's still got enough spring to reach counters and find any food, seriously anything. He's laid back and wonderful, always interested in meeting anyone he encounters. He's had an interesting past being bounced around to different homes, I'm sure his 17 years have been full of stories. We're happy to be his home for however many years he decides to stay and thank Grey Face for the opportunity to do it."