Grey Face Rescue & Retirement offers a special hospice program for seniors with minimal life expectancies. We pride ourselves on pulling dogs from humane euthanasia lists through no fault of their own. Many dogs, unfortunately, land on this list due to old age and/or due to illness. Grey Face Rescue & Retirement looks at these situations as opportunities to extend a gentle hand and give massive amounts of love, attention and care during a dog's remaining days, weeks, months or years. All seniors deserve to cross the Rainbow Bridge feeling comfortable, safe and surrounded by love.

Our Hospice Program provides special seniors such as these with quality medical care. We offer top-of-the-line necessities, including the most comfortable beds, warmest blankets, tastiest treats and even a couple of trips to their favorite fast-food joint! It's about making them the happiest of dogs and giving them the opportunity to feel comfortable when it's time to say goodbye. With your help, we can make each dog's last few weeks the best weeks of his or her life!

We accept donations for fast-food restaurants, orthopedic or just REALLY comfortable beds, warm blankets, yummy treats and anything else you think would make our senior dogs super happy. You can view our Amazon Wishlist here. 

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LadyBug has had a rough past, but she is now living in Avon and has the best set up for her! We're so lucky! Check back soon on some fun quirks and loveable things about LadyBug once she gets more settled!

You can view Ladybug's Wishlist Here!

Rest in Peace, Sweet Gracie Mae. You will always be remembered. 

Rest in Peace, Sweet Gracie Mae. You will always be remembered. 

More about: Zoey (AKA Zoeygirl, Zoemiester, Sweetie) ~ Age: 12 ~ Breed: Siberian Husky ~ Favorite thing to do in the house: watching Mom unload the dishwasher, hang out with her Sibe bothers (Red and Reggie), supervise Dad in the kitchen ~ Favorite toy: none, but it is fun pulling all of the bones out of the toy basket and leaving them scattered about the living room floor ~ Knows any tricks: be cute (she's a pro at that one) ~ How she/he shows a quirky side: she grunts like a hedge hog (Dr Gene doesn't believe she's part hedge hog, but we still wonder) ~ She/he likes: having a Dad, Mom, and 2 Siberian brothers (she's happy when we come home) ~ She/he hates: being bothered when she's not in the mood ~ Favorite foods/snacks: anything Dad makes on the grill that isn't a veggie ~ 2-3 words to describe her/him: only one word needed INDEPENDENT (a stereotypical Siberian Husky) ~ What’s the best thing about her/him? She's decided she likes us ~ How would her/his perfect day go? Wake up at 6, spend 20 min in her backyard, come in the house, have breakfast with the boys, get a good morning scratch from Mom and Dad. Go for a 2 mile walk/jog with Red and Reggie, go outside, come back inside, nap, go outside, go inside, repeat about 5 more times, watch mom unload dishes and do laundry, investigate all closets with doors left open, watch Dad make supper, get teased by Dad, eat supper, walk again, nap, go to bed when her brothers decide it's time. (Baths are NOT included in this list!) Thanks to The Alcorns for giving Zoey the best LOVE and life she can have!

Check out Zoey's Wishlist here! 

Rest in Peace, sweet Otis. Thank you for showing us love, compassion and strength.