Foster care requires treating the animal as if it were your own. Save a life and foster for Grey Face Rescue today!



We rely on our volunteers to help us carry out our mission and invest significant time in their training, so dependability and long-term dedication are key!


Our Hospice Program provides special seniors such as these with quality medical care. 


Looking for something fun way to donate at work? 


Check out enjoyable ways to add community involvement to the workplace and donate to senior dogs at the same time! Beyond the profit to the community, however, charitable giving provides important benefits to the business itself as well, both internally and externally. The internal benefits of a corporate charitable giving:

  • Employee Engagement: Charitable giving improves employee engagement by boosting productivity, ethical behavior, gratitude to the organization, and pride in their work.
  • Morale: With employees more engaged in their work and more pleased with the corporate culture, their morale will naturally be higher.  This leads to less time and productivity lost to “illness”, tardiness, or extended breaks and lunches, as well as lower turnover rates.
  • Teamwork: This generally positive attitude in the workplace extends beyond just the rank-and-file employees.  When a corporate giving program brings together people from all levels of the organization – from the C-level to the mail room – everyone feels like they are working together toward a common goal.  This feeling of effective teamwork will extend beyond to positively influence other aspects of their work.