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We are seeking sponsors for Central Minnesota's FIRST INDOOR, private dog park!  As you may know, Winter is BRUTAL in Minnesota and dogs lack the proper exercise they need during those cold months. As a rescue, we have noticed that we receive an increase in inquiries from households wanting to surrender their dogs due to behavior. We truly believe that adding exercise to a dogs routine will decrease the number of families needing to surrender their dogs during the winter time.

We will be offering access to the dog park at a low-cost to accommodate those in the St. Cloud area.

Your sponsorship fee of $1,000 will give us the opportunity to upgrade our dog park flooring to better suit the dogs & puppies ready to burn off some energy this winter!

In return, we will proudly hang your business' logo on a 4x4 sign in the dog park, include your logo in all our dog park marketing materials, social media shout out and also include your logo in our email marketing campaigns delivered to over 2,000 contacts. PLUS, an unlimited amount of senior pup kisses.;)

If you are interested in sponsoring our dog park, we would LOVE to partner with you! Sponsorships can be completed by click BUY NOW and our Executive Director, Bethie Gondeck will reach out! We can’t thank you enough for considering to sponsor Grey Face Rescue and our senior dogs.