Saving Pets Challenge 2017

Michelson Found Animals is launching the 4th annual Saving Pets Challenge, an online fundraising competition which benefits animal welfare organizations dedicated to keeping companion pets out of shelters and into loving homes. Each year, organizations from across the nation compete for a chance to win cash prizes to help fund life-saving programs for pets in their communities. Since its inception, participating groups in the Saving Pets Challenge have raised more than $4 million dollars combined.  

This year's challenge runs May 2 – June 1, and there are two ways for groups to win. First, the top five groups that raise the most money during the 2017 Saving Pets Challenge will be rewarded with cash grants from Michelson Found Animals. Second, there are weekly Bonus Challenges which are designed to encourage participation throughout the challenge and make it easier for smaller organizations to compete.

$150,000 in Cash Prizes
1st place -  $50,000
2nd place - $30,000
3rd place -  $20,000
4th place -  $10,000
5th place -  $5,000
plus, bonus Challenge prizes totaling $35,000

How can YOU help?

Fundraising Incentives

Raise $250 - $499 - Receive a Bandanna
Raise $500 - $1,000 - Receive Grey Face T-Shirt & Bandanna
Raise $1,001 - $1,500 - Receive Grey Face T-Shirt, Bandanna & Tumbler Mug
Raise $1,501 - $2,000 - Receive Grey Face Sweatshirt, Hat & Bandanna
Raise $2,001 - $3,000 - Receive Grey Face Sweatshirt, Hat, Bandanna & Tumbler Mug
Raise $3,001+ - Receive Grey Face Sweatshirt, T-Shirt, Hat, Bandanna & Tumbler Mug
Raise $5,000+ - Receive Grey Face Sweatshirt, T-Shirt, Hat, Bandanna, Tumbler Mug and a plaque as a honorary sponsors for our event.
Raise $10,000+ - Receive the above items and are invited to a donor appreciation luncheon hosted by Grey Face Rescue. Date TBD.

Please consider joining our team as a fundraiser. By setting up a fundraiser for our cause and reaching out to your network of supporters, you can help us make an even bigger impact and get us closer to that grand prize.  

It takes less than five minutes to set up a fundraiser. All you have to do is Go Here and click 'Fundraise for This Campaign.'

If for some reason you can't fundraise for our campaign, we'll reach out when the Challenge launches to ask you to give to our cause. Every donation makes a difference, no matter how big or small.


Hospice Program

Grey Face Rescue & Retirement offers a special hospice program for seniors with minimal life expectancies. We pride ourselves on pulling dogs from humane euthanasia lists through no fault of their own. Many dogs, unfortunately, land on this list due to old age and/or due to illness. Grey Face Rescue & Retirement looks at these situations as opportunities to extend a gentle hand and give massive amounts of love, attention and care during a dog's remaining days, weeks, months or years. All seniors deserve to cross the Rainbow Bridge feeling comfortable, safe and surrounded by love


Hope had a pretty rough first seven years of her life, but it didn’t take long for her to learn to enjoy life’s finer things – like a cushy bed to sleep on, humans to give her love and attention, and all the toys she could ever want! Hope required all her shots, was heartworm tested and she was promptly spayed. She also had ear infections, dry eye, and developed foot abscesses that required two emergency vet visits. As new beginnings go, Hope had to learn to eat out of a bowl, drink water without spilling it all, and even what it means to “go outside.” This little lady was so afraid of the door frame and stairs that at times her fosters have had to help her out to potty by carrying her to and from the yard.



This bubbly little tater tot is SO ready for a forever family, especially one with kids looking to spoil a 4-legged friend. She's been waiting almost 400 days for her new family – and before that she lived her whole life in a Texas kennel! This girl is pretty much perfect! She has never met a human she doesn’t like – even little kids will be her best buds. Karlee does well with larger dogs that don’t have too much energy, but smaller dogs and kitty cats aren’t her cup of tea. Karlee is a fan of playing dress-up, fetch, meeting new people, going for short walks and cuddling! She has some arthritis in her hips, so a home with few stairs would be preferred