Grey Face Rescue & Retirement is expanding to provide a safe haven for senior dogs whose owners are unable to care for them, who are abandoned or abused or who face euthanasia.


Shortly after launching Grey Face Rescue, we learned quickly about the huge need for a senior-only dog rescue in Minnesota. With multiple inquiries about dogs daily, we continue to face struggles that, in return, risk the lives of homeless seniors and urgent cases.

With your help, we hope to expand our physical facility so we can say YES! to more urgent senior dogs in need.

We no longer want to deny a life due to the lack of a foster home. Foster homes are essential to our mission, but the most fitting foster home doesn’t always appear when needed. By expanding our facility to add
short-term boarding options, we will provide safety to more seniors awaiting a temporary safe haven. 

We are also excited to introduce multiple programs that will decrease the number of homeless senior dogs in Minnesota by providing low-cost veterinary care and training services. Many times, families surrender senior dogs to shelters because they are unable to provide veterinary care or because a dog might display specific behaviors that become unappealing or unmanageable. 

You can make a difference for these dogs today. Your support will change a life and help even more seniors throughout Minnesota get the love and care they so desperately deserve and need.


Our New Home

A 2,000-square-foot heated warehouse with 1,000+ square feet of office space available. It has a partially fenced-in outdoor space and is conveniently located in the St. Cloud area. The proposed facility will be the first step toward providing a range of services that will assist in decreasing the number of homeless dogs in Minnesota. 

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Private indoor dog park

Grey Face Rescue & Retirement will provide a 2,000-square-foot private indoor dog park for dog owners and foster parents seeking off-leash exercise without company of other dogs. This is a great alternative in colder months to decrease stress for people and pets.

*Photo is not actual indoor dog park

Short-Term and/or Emergency Boarding

Grey Face will provide short-term boarding for senior dogs in need of urgent housing so they can avoid euthanasia and will serve as an alternative to an animal shelter (which could lead to euthanasia due to age, medical needs or behavior). We also intend to assist other shelters and rescues with emergency cases. 



Affordable Training and Seminars

We will offer affordable training and seminar opportunities that we hope will decrease the number of dogs surrendered to rescues and shelters due to behavior and health concerns.