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Group Play

Join us for Group Play! Group Play is offered to friendly dogs 6 months and older that thrive in a social setting and love a good play date with friends! All dogs must be up to date on rabies, distemper, bordetella and have a negative fecal test in the last year.



TUESDAYS 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

As in human social settings, there are canine rules of etiquette. Here is a checklist of items that create a good canine social group.

1. Health status verification

Make sure all dogs have updated immunizations for communicable canine diseases transmitted by coughing or close contact. Puppies should complete their initial series of immunizations before being exposed to other dogs. Dogs should also be free of fleas and intestinal parasites. Since this is difficult to enforce in dog parks, make sure your dog is vaccinated and has a good flea and intestinal parasite prevention program that will protect him from dogs that don’t.

2. Temperament assessment

Participating dogs should have compatible temperaments. There will usually be an alpha dog in the group, but even the “top dog” should be well behaved and not aggressive. Both you and your dog should feel safe in the group. It’s best for females to avoid social groups during their heat cycles.

3. Controlled dogs

Owners should have complete control of their dogs on leash and off. Dogs should respond to their owners’ voice commands and should respect their canine peers, especially when dogs of varying sizes are grouped together.

4. Compatible level of physical activity

Energetic dogs enjoy physically active companions. Couch potatoes prefer calmer friends. Find a group compatible with your dog’s level of physical activity.

5. Bio Breaks

Pet owners should pick up and dispose of animal waste promptly. When visiting friends or attending puppy classes, elimination etiquette is essential and dog parks are not latrines. Playtime makes dogs thirsty so find a source of fresh water or bring along bottled water and a collapsible water bowl.

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