1. Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer different levels of Sponsorship. Please inquire or see our website for details: Webpage is under construction. If you are interested sponsoring Grey Face, please contact Bethie Gondeck at bethieg@greyfacerescue.org.

2. Donation Buckets

A member of our team will drop off a donation bucket with information in regards to Grey Face Rescue and employees have the option of donating to our cause. These buckets are usually placed in common areas such as the front desk or lunchroom.

3. Flyers and Brochures

Displaying Grey Face Rescue flyers and brochures in your waiting room and/or lunchroom would be a great help as we aim to create awareness of our cause.

4. “Bring a Senior to Work Day”

A member from our organization will bring in one of our dogs to visit employees and distribute slobbery kisses. The presence of a dog in the workplace has been known to boost morale, add some excitement, and provide a much needed mental break when the days, weeks, or winters get long.

5. Get Social and Digital

Share our Facebook page or website on your social media pages. We always appreciate the opportunity to receive more LIKES on our Facebook page and more traffic to our website.

6. Become a Donation Drop Off Location

We are looking for businesses that are willing to let members of our community drop off donations (kennels, food, dog bowls, leashes, etc.) at your location(s).

7. Make A Deal

Does your business offer a service or product that could include a contribution to Grey Face? For example: If you are a hair salon, you could offer a special for the month of February that with every wax - $5 gets donated to Grey Face Rescue.Another example: If you are a travel agency, for person that books a vacation and mentions Grey Face Rescue - $100 will be donated.

8. Penny Wars

A little friendly office competition never hurt anyone! A member from our organization will bring the amount of jars as you have teams. We would hold the Penny Wars for a week’s time; pennies are a 1¢ positive increase and silver coins are negative. Teams are encouraged to fill their jars with pennies to increase their value, and add silver coins to other teams jars to decrease their value. At the end of the week, the team with the highest value will receive cookies, provided by Grey Face Rescue. 

9. Host an event

We are always looking for larger areas to host open houses, as well as volunteer, foster, manager, and board meetings. We have quickly outgrown our small office and need larger spaces when we have large group meetings or put on public events. 

10. Casual Fridays

Employees could contribute a donation towards Grey Face Rescue to wear jeans on Fridays.

If you are interested in donating to Grey Face Rescue, please shoot us an email at bethieg@greyfacerescue.org.