Senior Dogs

We Have A LOT Going On!


Hey all, 

Bethie Gondeck, Executive Director of Grey Face Rescue & Retirement, here.

I've had over 100 excuses as to why I don't put more effort into our blog, but here I am on my fourth attempt at making this a priority so I can keep all those wonderful supporters of ours up-to-date on all the great (and sometimes not great) things to expect in the near future. 


First and foremost, you may have seen my posts regarding our new facility, but here's your official announcement.


Yes, we are SO excited to be EXPANDING, adding more resources for not only senior dog but ALL dogs in need (maybe even a few cats or bunnies). We will offer an indoor, private dog-park, low-cost training classes, microchip and nail clip clinics and so much more! 

Are we over our heads? We might be, but we're determined – so let's just hope we don't fall on our face (although, I won't let that happen). 

Do you have a few dollars to spare as either a cash or in-kind donation? Here are a few items we are needing right away!

Obviously, we will need MUCH more, but we plan to walk before we run and the items here will get us started. If you are interested in other items on our wishlist, check it out here. 

As you continue to follow our Facebook page, you can follow our journey into our new facility. We can't continue to do what we LOVE without your support! 


To say I am excited about the Gala is an understatement! Who doesn't love getting dressed up and what's the best is raising money for dogs in need! You guys, get dressed up, have a delicious meal, drink some much-needed cocktails, listen to fabulous music and be surrounded by dog-loving individuals! This sounds like HEAVEN for me! Tickets will be available in a couple months but at this time, we are seeking SPONSORS! Chat with your employer about sponsoring this event – it's something you definitely don't want to miss and with like a bazillion Facebook followers, your business will receive a great deal of recognition! 

I totally forgot we need some kick-ass silent and live auction items for the event! 

Dogs, Dogs & MORE DOGS

We get, no joke, MULTIPLE requests per day from owner surrenders, shelters, adoption returns, foster returns, etc., which leaves us with 5 billion emails per day – if you could imagine. 

Just an FYI, I totally exaggerate the numbers I throw out there all the time, but hopefully you get the point that it's A LOT! 

Both the events listed above will assist with continuing to care for these dogs. As we've mentioned OVER AND OVER again, we CANNOT save and rescue senior dogs without the funding and foster homes to care for these dogs. We have some pretty sweet faces either seeking to adopt or foster so I HIGHLY suggest heading over to see whose eyes pull at your heartstrings! 

Well, that's enough from me for today, because, well, I have to start prepping for a meeting with Sherry and Christina (over a couple ice cold beers, of course) on how we can continue to do the best we freaking can! 

If you haven't already, head over to our Facebook Page, FOSTER with us, VOLUNTEER for events, or better yet, ADOPT one of the sweet souls awaiting their forever home. 


Bethie Gondeck

Executive Director, Grey Face Rescue & Retirement
Author, Covered In Pet Furr