It Takes A Team

Running and operating a rescue is a full-time job in itself, but it takes a great team of volunteers to continue its success. Thus far, Grey Face Rescue has experienced many hardships when it comes to our dogs, our programs and our volunteers, but we’re taking every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

Grey Face Rescue is 100% volunteer run and we rely heavily on our Management Team along with individuals on our committees. These individuals have dedicated massive amounts of time saving our seniors and we (plus our dogs) are forever thankful. Our seniors receive a second chance at life all thanks to those who have graciously given their time. 

It takes an army to rescue – and together we stand and save lives. View our available Management and Committee positions here. Management positions can range from 1-10 hours of dedication each week. Join a committee and the time and tasks needed can range anywhere from attending one event a month to transporting 2 dogs a month – whatever it is, our dogs and our team need and appreciate YOU! Please, keep in mind, all positions can be worked remotely. So if you choose to work in your underwear, on your couch, while watching The Kardashians – more power to you! :)

Join our mission today and help us save a senior life. These are volunteer positions – and although we can’t pay you, the dogs pay you in gratitude, honor and even by sneaking in a bonus of slobbery, wet (and most likely really stinky) dog kisses.