Lady: At 9 Years Old, Her Life is Just Beginning

Say hello to Lady, a sweet little baby we welcomed into the rescue last week. When she arrived, she sat there, shaking and confused, with eyes as big as saucers (see video below). For her first couple of days, she refused to potty, eat or drink. She was super depressed, and her spirit seemed broken. It’s clear she really had no idea what she was allowed to do on her own. At 9 years old, her life is only now just beginning. She’s safe now and we’ll celebrate her small steps as she gets used to little things other dogs do, such as jumping up on a couch, feeling comfortable enough to potty in a yard and even doing something as simple as drinking water consistently in a new environment.

The day she came in, we watched her foster pick her up and hug her like a sweet little baby – and Lady calmed to the point she finally stopped shaking. Lady is still unsure, but that day they made their start toward a connection.

Lady has some major vetting needs to address before she can leave our care. She’ll get our full protocol of shots – rabies, distemper and bordetella – as well as bloodwork to make sure she’s free of tick-borne disease and that years of litters haven’t done a number on her internally. When she came into the vet, her abdomen area was so swollen and hard that initially we were thinking she had a life-threatening infection commonly found in unspayed, older dogs. Thankfully, the bloodwork gave us hope. But we still need to get her spayed as soon as possible and we'll remove some mammory tumors she has at the same time. We’ll get her mouth all fixed up too, so she's pain-free and able to eat a better variety of foods – she has bleeding gums and teeth so off the charts that many are being held in place only by the extreme tarter that covers them. We could really use your help to offset these costs. You can give a gift on our website, or contact Paws & Claws in Maple Grove, where Dr. Melco and his team are giving her their very best care. – 763.420.9711
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All of our dogs have a back story – some super extreme and others needing rehoming due to a living situation that isn’t the right fit anymore. So many of these dogs come in tired, scared, worn down, totally rough around the edges, some with medical conditions you can’t even figure out how to say, much less understand what they are. Like Lady, they arrive often times dazed and confused about why life has changed … and we know you look at their pictures thinking sometimes, “How the heck will this one ever get adopted??” But they do. And they WILL. Senior dogs fight so many misconceptions and it’s heartbreaking to hear some of the things people believe about them. But their secret weapon is that they have YOU – our fosters, supporters and volunteers. You watch over them, care for them, love them, teach them, help them heal after the vet, take them to and from events and become their biggest cheerleaders and best advocates – and when it’s time, a foster will let them go so they can live their best life with their forever family. We can’t say it enough to our fosters and volunteers: What you do MATTERS. Thank you for never giving up on these little guys. Watching their transformation and seeing them heal and learn to trust and love again is pretty much the coolest thing ever. So, stay tuned – Lady’s best days are coming. So glad you are all here with us to see them!

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