New Hope for Hope!

It’s no coincidence that the first dog we took in for 2017 came in with this name. Grey Face had just started ramping up to come off intake hold when we were contacted about a bulldog in need. We weren’t quite ready to open yet, but we took the call to hear more about her. She was from a breeder, they said. She was ridiculously sweet. She wasn’t 100% house-trained and she showed the battle scars from years of bearing litter after litter. The petite beauty was so confused in fact that she was terrified to pass through any door that led to the outside. We knew she was meant to be here with us – and so we welcomed Hope into our rescue just a few short weeks ago.

Hope had a pretty rough first seven years of her life, but it didn’t take long for her to learn to enjoy life’s finer things – like a cushy bed to sleep on, humans to give her love and attention, and all the toys she could ever want! When she first came to her foster home, her little body clearly was not used to moving around so much. Her stance is far wider than normal, her elbows are thick and her feet splay, either from poor genetics or from years of standing or lying on less than desirable surfaces. She required all her shots, was heartworm tested and she was promptly spayed. She also had ear infections, dry eye, and developed foot abscesses that required two emergency vet visits. One of those abscesses is still healing. She will also likely need supplements and eye drops for the rest of her life. Despite her rough outer edges, there was a bright spot: At Grey Face, we do blood panels on all our dogs, as a layer of reassurance for our adopters and so we can treat underlying conditions and get them on the path to better health. In this case, Hope’s bloodwork came back showing that her overall health is very good. She is truly a very lucky dog!

As new beginnings go, Hope had to learn to eat out of a bowl, drink water without spilling it all, and even what it means to “go outside.” This little lady was so afraid of the door frame and stairs that at times her fosters have had to help her out to potty by carrying her to and from the yard. We assume this is due to spending her whole life in a kennel in a building with limited access to the outdoors and a fear of falling forward going down steps. But what a difference love, care and a few weeks makes. Our vetting partner Paws & Claws Pet Hospital in Maple Grove and her foster family have been giving her wonderful TLC, and we appreciate all that they’re doing for this very special girl. With their help, Hope is her way to a much a better life.

You see, Hope is AMAZING! She’s a fighter in every sense – and you can tell she knows she is safe. Even after years of neglect at the hands of humans, all this girl wants is to be around people and to be loved. She’s turned into quite the cuddle monster, loving nothing more than being right beside her foster mom on the couch. She’s now figured out the food dish and she does her business without fuss when someone takes her out. Door frames and stairs still baffle her at times, but she’s learning and trusting more every day. And, despite her extreme bow legs, she doesn't let this slow her down as she scoots around the house. Her favorite things are to follow her people around (you never know what you'll miss if you don't go everywhere your humans do!), eat, rest her head on your lap on her couch (she isn't picky about the TV show as long as she's next to you!), and chew on bones and antlers.

Hope’s little body may not be perfect, but she really is the perfect dog. She’s come around to enjoy life, playing, cuddling and greeting strangers easily. Her personality is coming out and she is a sweet and grateful girl. Hope’s foster family is giving her plenty of rest and a nice, calm environment for her to heal both physically and mentally. We’re sure she will make an awesome addition to someone's forever family, but it is going to take a lot of TLC and patience to keep her coming out of her shell. Please keep Hope in your thoughts as she continues her journey to find her forever home.

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