An Interview with Meera, Kal & Tara – The Chi Trio

Meera, Kal and Tara are 9 year-old Chihuahua mixes and are a package deal. With .


Q. What are your ideal days?

Meera: If I could cuddle with my brother and sister all day long then I’d be one happy gal! And if my humans get in on the cuddle, then that’s an added bonus. I really only bark or get excited when the doorbell rings (I’ll protect the house with all my small might!) or when I need to go potty.

Kal: My sisters and food make me the happiest. Seriously, if there’s food in the room, I’m there. Ideally, I would lie on the couch and snack all day if I could.

Tara: I do love cuddling up with my siblings and humans too, but I definitely like to play! My ideal day would be to meet some new people, play a lot and then get to snuggle it all off.


Q. If you are any type of candy, what would you be?

M: I’ve been described as being a little bit of sweet and sour. So I’d have to go with Sour Patch Kids – “first they’re sour, then they’re sweet.” I will cuddle a lot, but I do enjoy my space. I tend to get a little hesitant around unknown dogs that get too close and I’m a bit of a barker!

K: I’d say I’m like a good bag of licorice. I’m a classic and though sometimes I need a bit to warm up to people (and they to me), people can’t get enough of me once we’re good pals!

T: I’m going to go with a peanut butter cup! I’m sweet on the outside and the inside. I like to go right up to strangers and say “hi.” I think they like me, too. Plus, I have to get my energy from somewhere! So, I’m going to blame it on all the sugary goodness in a peanut butter cup.


Q. We all have quirks. What are yours?

T: I’ll go first! It’s a little embarrassing, but I have a hard time with potty training. I’m doing really well though with my foster mom! It might take me a bit in a new environment, but I promise that I try really hard.

M: Well, my back legs don’t give me much support. I tend to walk in a bit of handstand (or maybe my calling is Cirque du Soleil?). I still have muscle in my legs and I can get around pretty good with a little assistance from my humans, so no wheelchair for now!

K: I guess being a bit shyer than my sister is a quirk. I do take a while to trust other people, but when I do I have a lot of love to give. I just need some time to adjust!


Q. Thoughts on other dogs?

K: We’re all pretty much fine with them. Our foster mom has 4 other dogs and we all get along just great. I suppose Meera is the one out of the three of us to have a bit of a problem. Huh, Meera?

M: Oh, stop it Kal! Only if they’re being too aggressive or else I’m an angel.


Q. Well then, how do you feel about tiny humans?

T: You already know my thoughts on humans! And tiny ones are great! They love snuggles and love to play and I’m down for both of those anytime.

M & K: We love tiny humans, too! Maybe with not as much force as Tara, but we really do.


Q. There’s a rumor that you three like to dress up? Is that true?

K: That’s not exactly true for ME, but I will tolerate it especially because we’re originally from Georgia and geez is it cold up here.

T: C’mon Kal, dressing up is fun! You even had a pumpkin sweater on for Halloween. Don’t tell me you didn’t like that. I was by far the cutest hot dog ever or Halloween!

M: I’ll dress up anytime for warmth! And I guess it’s pretty fun, too. I got to be a taco for Halloween!


Q. What’s a surprising fact about your breed?

M: Well, I just found out we are actually when of the oldest registered breeds with American Kennel Club back in 1904!

K: Also, we have a long lifespan and can live up to 18 years, with some living until they were 20 years old. Woah.

T: I think it’s pretty cool that we were named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico AND we were once sacred with apparently powerful healing powers. I personally think we still are.


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