Volunteer Spotlight: Mercedes Klein

Mercedes Klein is our Placement Coordinator, Adoption Coordinator, All-Around Extroidinaire! We sat down with Mercedes to ask her a few questions so you can get to know this amazing volunteer. So please, meet Mercedes!

We know your position with Grey Face Rescue, but what do you actually do every day? 

I oversee 11 dogs in the rescue while in foster care. I also work with the fosters and their foster dogs to find their forever homes by interviewing the potential adopters, organizing home checks and meet & greets, responding to emails, and finalizing the adoption process. 

If you have a "regular" job as well, what is it? What do you do?

I work as a Nurse in a clinic Monday through Friday.

Tell us about your family! (including pets) 

I am married with no children yet but soon hopefully if all goes well. I have 2 personal dogs Shadow a 7 year old lab mix and Ares a 1 year old Rottie mix. 3 cats, Aphrodite is our fat tabby whom is 4, June Bug is our sassy little black cat who is 9, and Cleo a spunky 1 year old black cat. 

My 2 fosters Karlee (10) the tater tot who is a pit mix, and Oliver (10) a shepherd mix who needs a lot of TLC but is now showing that he will make someone a wonderful dog. oh and 5 chickens haha

What do you do in your "free" time? 

Free time... I don't know what that is haha. all of my time revolves around my dogs and my hubby. I do like to spend time outdoors and reading when I have a spare moment. 

What is your favorite thing about Grey Face?

My favorite thing about grey face is watching dogs who were deemed un-adoptable or unwanted turn in to loving animals. Oliver is a good example. He came to the rescue terrified of everything. With a lot of love and TLC he is really showing that he can be a dog after spending 9 years in a shelter.