An Interview with Tina – The Sweetest Grey Face Dog!

Today we’re meeting with Tina, a 10 year-old miniature pinscher! She’s quite the treat – and loves them, too.

Q. What’s your ideal day?

A. Walkies and playing fetch for sure. But for the majority of the day, I’d prefer long and lazy cuddle sessions with my humans! I like to have a consistent schedule that includes lots of love.

Q. If you were a flavor of jellybean, what would you be?

A. I would be toasted marshmallow. I’m warm, gooey and sweet! I give love and comfort to all. Plus, gooey goodness goes go a long way because I have a big heart.

Q. Tina, we all have quirks? What’s yours?

A. Well, to cut to the chase, I have diabetes. It’s really quite manageable and doesn’t add too much to the monthly bills. I’d say it gives me a unique and –like you said – quirky side!

Q. You say diabetes is manageable. Can you elaborate on that?

A.  Yes! Although I like cuddles, exercise is key to managing diabetes. I’m small, so a walk a day and a little bit of throwing the ball around should do the trick. Diet is a big one, too. Balancing diet and insulin shots is important, but once a routine is set, it’s easy as pie.

Q. How do you feel about dogs, cats and those tiny humans?

A. Cats? Pshhh, I just ignore them. No quarrels there! I like hanging out and napping with other dogs. And, last but not least, I love all humans – tiny ones, too!

Q. Your favorite place you’ve visited?

A. A lap! Definitely a comfy, cozy place for a Min Pin, such as myself, to hang out in on the daily. I just like to make sure my humans know how much I appreciate them, too. And what better way to do that than curling up on their lap?

Q. Drama club or marching band?

A. Well I’m not much of a barker, so I’d have to go a different route and join a book club. I love hanging out at home curled up on a lap, getting lots of snuggles with a good book in hand.

Q. What’s a surprising fact about your breed?

A. Many people think we are breed from Dobermans, but we are not! We are actually a much older breed and are originally from Germany to primarily hunt small critters, like rats! Imagine that. I’m not sure I’d be a good rat hunter, but I do like to chase after balls, does that count?

To learn more about sweet Tina, check out her bio!