Grey Face Rescue and Retirement (501c3) has partnered with local St. Cloud businesses to collect pet donations on their behalf during the entire month of November in honor of Senior Pet Month. 

During the month of November Grey Face Retirement & Rescue is asking anyone to donate items for their rescue and hospice dogs such as soft and hard dog food, leashes, dog beds, kennels (all sizes), toys, blankets, and office supplies.  These items can be brought to Art & Soul Fish, Godzala Brenny Real Estate, Granite City Real Estate, or Ace Hardware.

GFR&R mission is to raise awareness of the joys and challenges of living with aging dogs. While never forgetting where these dogs have come from, they emphasize the positive aspects of their life in retirement. GFR&R does not concern themselves with the quantity of time that they have left, rather the quality of the life that they can provide them for that time.

For a full list of items Grey Face Rescue & Retirement is looking for or if your business would like to partner with them during November, please visit: greyfacerescue.org or Grey Face Rescue & Retirement on Facebook.

Face Rescue & Retirement was started by Bethann Gondeck of St. Cloud, Minnesota in 2015 and has grown significantly since then. They have reached over 100 senior dogs and adopted out over 50. They are a 100% volunteer-run organization and rely heavily on dedicated volunteers and fosters to help keep the organization running, as well as on generous support and donations from the community.