An Interview with Missy & Duke – Inseparable Siblings

Missy and Duke are 10 and 8 years old, respectively, are both Shih Tzus and are a bonded pair. These siblings have quite different personalities, but they do share some favorite pastimes.

Q. What are your ideal days?

Missy: I love cuddles and lots of them. And ideal day would include exploring outside, getting lots of pats and cuddling with Duke and our human.

Duke: Ditto. As long as I have Missy by my side, then any day is great! Add in a good, long cuddle and I’ll be very content.

Q. If you were a jelly bean, what would you be?

D: Did someone say jelly bean?! Oh, you don’t have any on you? Well fine. I guess if I were a jelly bean I would be Sizzling Cinnamon. I have a lot of personality and I’m a bit spicy. But I’m really just a softy, so I warm everyone right up!

M: I’m going to go with Mixed Berry Smoothie. I’m sweet and just a chill and smooth girl. I’m even tempered and everyone likes me!

Q. Thoughts on cats or other dogs?

M: Don’t get Duke started on cats. Cats are fine with me! Him… he’s a little too focused on cats. Just leave ‘em alone, Duke!

D: Missy, you don’t understand! I’m extremely interested in cats and I want to sniff them. As for dogs, I do get my fur ruffled up a bit around other males. I have to assert my dominance! But I do like to play.

M: *Rolls eyes* My little brother can’t contain himself. I’m good with cats and dogs! Love all my furry friends equally.

Q. Well then, how do you feel about tiny humans?

D: I will greet everyone human with a wiggle in my butt! Speaking of my butt and tiny humans… they tend to be a little rough and not understand gentle pats. I would very much like if they wouldn’t touch my back tail area.

M: I agree with Duke. Tiny ones can be a bit rough sometimes, but I would love them up just the same as any other human.

Q. Drama club or marching band?

M: Marching band.

D: Drama club.

M: LOL – that was an easy one.

Q. What’s a surprising fact about your breed?

M: As much as we don’t look similar to a wolf at all, we are actually a part one of the 14 oldest breeds. Weird isn’t it?!

D: Speaking of not looking like other animals… our name in Chinese means lion! I mean I could be a big lion, but my sister over here, not so much.

M: Hey, now! I’m you’re big sister, don’t sass me. 


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