Harry's Big Adventure

Meet Harry, the newest Grey Face! Harry is a special little dude - besides his charming personality and ridiculously good looks, Harry is unable to function his rear legs due to paralysis.

Four years ago, Harry lost function of his rear legs after jumping off the couch. He underwent surgery at the U of M to assist with the pain that Harry was facing from the injury, but also hoping he would regain his ability to walk. Unfortunately, following surgery, they quickly learned that Harry was unable to regain function of his rear legs. 

Harry came to Grey Face Rescue at no fault of his own. His previous owner had to make a hard decision to find Harry a new home due to working 12+ hours a day and not being able to give Harry the care and time commitment he needs to learn how to use his wheelchair.

Harry has been nothing short of amazing thus far and is adapting to life with his foster mom, Bethie and her family. Harry does have a wheel chair but hasn't yet learned how to use it. Follow Harry's journey as he learns what life is like on wheels - 'LIKE' his Facebook page here!

Harry's Wishlist

  • Medium sized doggy diapers

  • 12 month onesies

  • Small breed senior dog food

  • Soft dog food

  • Dental greenie bones

Donated items can be brought to this months Senior Pet Month Drop Off Locations (see Facebook event for details) or mailed to PO Box 7072, St. Cloud, MN 56302.

Consider donating to Harry's care today! Please, include "Harry" in the memo.

Harry playing in the leaves!

Harry playing in the leaves!

Harry and his foster brother, Deuce, begging her food! 

Harry and his foster brother, Deuce, begging her food!