Grey Face Rescue & Retirement

Written by Bethann Gondeck

It’s here… it’s finally here – Grey Face Rescue & Retirement. I’ve waited my whole life to open a rescue. I’ve always wanted to help animals but there were limitations. Such as, I could NEVER be a Vet Tech – I am WAY too emotional. I cry when the Vet Techs (bless their souls) hold Deuce down to clip his nails (it takes two of them and muzzle). I thought about working at a Shelter but I can barely walk into the place without adopting an animal that I think working there would be terrible for not only my pocket book (my animals cost an arm and a leg) but also my marriage. My poor husband can barely keep up with 5 animals, let alone any more. I’ve also been told that I wouldn’t “fit” in a shelter setting – I don’t know what that means but I trust them. 

With the influence of very successful and amazing rescues and shelters in the St. Cloud area along with my favorite show Pit Bulls and Parolees – I thought a foster-based rescue is exactly what I wanted to do. Ok, I accomplished that, a foster-based rescue but who am I going to rescue? Cats? Dogs? Fish? Horses? Monkeys? Well, dogs, of course (hopefully someday we will take in senior cats but at this time, only dogs) but do I take in ALL dogs, special need dogs, puppies, seniors, black dogs? This question took a while… but once it came apparent I knew it was the right choice. B (Barnabee) is the most important thing to me. He is my 13 year old “Mutt” that has the world’s largest heart, so goofy and so full of love AND he loves no more in this world then me. 

You can read the story of how we got B here but since he’s been at MY house for the last 2 years, we’re inseparable.  B’s one and only flaw is that he gave Josh the misconception of what dogs are really like. B made Josh think that all dogs are calm, sleep all day, can go hours without being let out, didn’t need much exercise but preferred to be petted for a good 10 minutes. He thought dogs didn’t bark, didn’t chew on things and didn’t jump on the furniture. All you had to do was give them a scoop of food in the morning and night. Boy, was Josh wrong and Deuce made that VERY clear. I could go on and on about how much I love B and how much he means to our family but this isn’t what this blog is about.

It’s about Grey Face Rescue & Retirement - Grey Face Rescue & Retirement is a non-profit, foster-based rescue dedicated to giving senior animal’s stability and security when the norm becomes unfamiliar.  We provide high quality care & love to senior animals.

Grey Face is to represent all those senior dogs that have grown their fair share of grey hair that cover their muzzles. Grey Face Rescue & Retirement will provide comfort to senior dogs that are no longer able to stay with their original owners by no fault of their own. Their previous owner could be enduring a tragedy such as a medical condition or death within a family. Or they could simply be a poor excuse for an animal caretaker (because we won’t refer to them as family) and give up their senior dog because “it doesn’t get along with the new puppy”, “they just don’t have time for it”, “10 years after we got the dog we have now developed an allergy”. All are real life, douchey, excuses. But have no fear… that’s why Grey Face is here! 

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