Would you open your home... and heart?

Written by Bethann Gondeck

Grey Face Rescue & Retirement is a foster-based rescue organization and with that being said... we need fosters! We've received multiple calls about senior dogs scheduled to be euthanized if we are not able to step up and offer a loving and safe environment. 

Grey Face Rescue supplies the food, kennel, blankets, bed, treats, supplements, any veterinary care, toys, food bowls, leash, collar and 24/7 support. All YOU have to offer is love, attention, quality care, assist in working with dog flaws (jumps, pulls on leash, etc.), updated photos and videos posted on your personal FB page along with sent to the Grey Face adoption team so they can feature those on the website in hopes to finding your foster a forever home. Also, we do request to attend one adoption event a month to enhance the possibility of finding your foster a home. 

If you or someone you know is interested in fostering one of our Grey Face Seniors, please contact us at greyfacerescue@gmail.com.

Much thanks!