Don't Let Old Age Slow You Down

Written by Bethann Gondeck

Is your dog slowing down? Are they having a hard time getting up and down the stairs? Did their happy-go-lucky personality slowly turn into the world’s cutest couch potato? If so, they might not be receiving the supplements they need.

Barnabee was slowing down and his health was becoming a concern. At 13 years old, everything is concerning to me but we seek every option to keep him happy, comfortable and healthy until the time comes where we have to say good-bye.

After starting my adventure with Grey Face Rescue & Retirement, I reached out to rescue groups in Minnesota asking for advice and the items they felt were necessary for Senior Dogs. Katie Jo, bless her heart, from Secondhand Hound’s Hospice Program, reached out and informed me that supplements are a senior dog’s #1 need. In the meantime, I’ve been giving Barnabee Fish Oil pills, a suppressant for his coughing and was on a sodium-free, boiled rice and hamburger diet. All seemed to be working ok but not as well as I would hope. Katie recommended Wapiti Labs Senior Mobility. You can purchase them from Amazon. She had mentioned that dogs have entered their hospice program not even able to walk and after a couple weeks on these supplements they were running. I thought, WOW – I need to try these for B.

Let me tell you, it’s been a world wind! B is running, yes… running! I don’t think I’ve seen Barnabee run since he was a puppy. He has energy. He’s getting up and down great and walking around the house. It feels great to see his health improve so quickly and so tremendously. He’s really happy and you can tell by his big puppy-dog smile.

If you or someone you know has a senior dog struggling from old age, I highly recommend these supplements. It’s been nearly night and day for Barnabee and a blessing to see him comfortable, happy and healthy.