Reflecting and Giving Thanks

Written by Bethann Gondeck

With the Holiday’s fast approaching (where has the time gone), we reflect back on our journey with Grey Face Rescue & Retirement and can’t help but to be so grateful for the opportunities that we have been given, the people we have encountered, the dogs we have saved and most importantly the overwhelming amount of support we’ve received from the community.

 Since October 3rd 2015, we have saved 14 dogs. 11 have been adopted and 1 remains in Hospice Care where she will live out her final days being completely spoiled by her hospice mom. We have since paid for a MAJOR surgery, vaccinated all of our dogs, treated ear infections, multiple blood tests, recoveries, patience and love.

 First and foremost, thank you to Granite City Pet Hospital for the amazing care you give day in and day out to our seniors. Your patience, gentle touch and cooperation are qualities that reminds us how fortunate we are to have you.

 Second, thank you to Sam & Danni’s Pet Resort for not only giving us a wonderful group of volunteers but letting our dogs come socialize with other and giving them the opportunity to trust again. You have welcomed some of the most unsocialized K9’s and have prepared them for a new life.

 Third, without our fosters, there would be no Grey Face Rescue. We are a foster-based rescue so our senior dogs don’t have to live out their final days in a kennel but receive a home environment with the attention they so much deserve. Thank you for continuing to open up your home for our dogs and continuing to prepare them for their second chance at life.

 Fourth, thank you so much to our wonderful group of Volunteers! Often, I get teary eyed thinking about how amazing they are. They are driving numerous miles picking up dogs, bringing them to the vet, adoption visits and more. They are taking large amounts of time out of their lives to dedicated to our senior dogs.

 Last but not least, thank you to everyone who has donated to our organization. Without your donations, we would not be where we are. The supplies, funds, silent auction & raffle items have assisted in making Grey Face as successful as it is today.

 Grey Face Rescue has been a blessing and we are truly grateful for the amazing people we have come across along the way. Thank you for joining this journey with us and we hope that you will continue to believe in us along the way.

 Happy Thanksgiving!