Gala, what?

You may have heard about our upcoming Better With Age Gala but do you truly know WHY we are hosting the Better With Age Gala?

1. It's our THIRD anniversary of saving senior dogs. I still can't believe it was 3 years ago that I started this crazy adventure! What was once a dream became a reality and I'm so grateful for the dogs we've saved, the people I've met and the forever homes we've found. 

2. It's a celebration for our new facility! We are making huge strides in the St. Cloud area and the community that we want to share our success and accomplishments with all of you. We are looking forward to assisting animals owners with affordable training and veterinary care along with burning off some Winter energy with our indoor dog park.

3. Raise money to save MORE senior dogs. Fundraising is ESSENTIAL to our organization because veterinary care isn't FREE! We invest $500 - $3,000 on EACH dog that enters our rescue and we wouldn't be able to provide the quality veterinary care if it wasn't for our fundraising efforts and individuals like yourself. 

My excitement for this event is nearly overwhelming - the thought of being surrounded by community members that believe in our mission and have invested in our organization is truly a blessing. Every day, I have to pinch myself thinking about how far we have come as an organization and the dogs we've saved. 

Join us to CELEBRATE 3 years of saving senior dogs and changing the stigma that comes with adopting an "old" dog because we know damn well that these pups have LOTS of LOVE to GIVE!

You are cordially invited to Grey Face Rescue & Retirement's

Better With Age Gala

Thursday, September 27
Molitor's Quarry Grill in Sauk Rapids

As a valuable member of our community, we would like to invite you to be a part of our 3rd Anniversary charity event. The Better with Age Gala is taking place on Thursday, September 27th at Molitor's Quarry Grill

The evening will include a red carpet, a delicious gourmet meal (chicken or vegetarian), silent and live auction and live music by Kelly Cordes. This formal event will raise awareness of the joys of living with aging animals while raising funds to provide veterinary care for senior dogs in need of our help!


An Amazing August Ahead

As many dread the sight of August, our organization is ECSTATIC. August to us means to adventures and so many more lives saved. August marks the first day in our new facility and we’re ready to take on our new adventure full speed ahead.

On Tuesday, we were handed over the keys and codes, we were able to see the progress done to our indoor dog park, accessible bathroom and all the indoor space and offices. Of course, our wheels were turning which in return added a bit of stress.

We have a lot to do before our launch of the dog park in October. Our needs are beyond supplies or even funding, we need those willing to donate essential equipment in order to open our doors and some great people to assist with some general labor. Who’s not afraid to get dirty?

Here’s the nitty-gritty:

  • 60' of chain link fencing, 5/6 ft. height with 2 gates and installation
  • 150' of corrugated metal wall panels and installation
  • 40' x 28' of rubber flooring and installation
  • 20’ x 20’ of vinyl plank flooring & installation
  • 20’ x 20’ of carpet & installation

When it comes to the general labor, we’re needing installers, painters, cleaners, packers, movers, you name it!

This week's blog post isn't my longest but that's because we've been busier than ever with new seniors incoming, the new facility and more. Stay tuned!


I am, however, going to take a moment to thank all the freaking great people that have assisted in making Grey Face the success it is today. We have an amazing ARMY of people who advocate, donate, foster, volunteer and adopt our doggies. Thank you to our Leadership Team that volunteers full-time hours to ensure our pups are receiving the upmost quality care and are entering promising homes. 

Thank you for commitment to our seniors - I will be forever grateful! 

 Bethie Gondeck
Executive Director - Grey Face Rescue

I Almost Gave Up

It's been one of those weeks in rescue where not one single thing can go right. We are constantly faced with disappointment, guilt, stress, and yesterday, I almost gave up. 

I sat down with my husband, tears flowing from my face as I told him that I think it's time to say goodbye to the rescue. I was feeling that my full plate of responsibilities was causing me to do a half-ass job -- I'm not being the best mom or step-mom I can be, I don't feel as though I'm being the best wife I can be, or the best employee, and what hurt the most is feeling as though I can do MORE for these dogs than I'm doing now because I'm not able to dedicate my full attention to rescue and that I'm taking away from what these dogs could be receiving from other rescues. 

To put into perspective on the week from hell. We had 2 dogs returned and we're desperately seeking sponsorships for our upcoming Gala, coordinating our move from our current office to our new facility, organizing what we NEED for the new facility, revamping our volunteer and foster groups, scheduling a much-needed Leadership Meeting, prepping for our Subaru Adoption Event PLUS like twenty-five million other things on my "to-do"list. Oh, totally forgot, I'm hosting a garage sale fundraiser that consists of dozens of people dropping off their oldies-but-goodies to my house so I'm labeling, organizing, pricing, etc. 

That's just rescue -- my weekends consists of caring for a 1-year-old, painting her room, attending my step-son's baseball games, cleaning up cat barf and dog poop, and attempting to keep a semi-clean household and keep up on laundry so everyone has clean underwear! 

Don't get me wrong, I freaking LOVE chaos. My life would be so boring without it, BUT yesterday, I was debating on if I overdid it. Have I added so much to my already overflowing plate that I'm beginning to completely lose my sh**?

My husband, a silent hero for putting up with a wife of madness, talked me off the ledge of giving up and helped put the fire back in my passion for rescue. He told me all the right things! Other than my husband's motivational speech, I remembered WHY I started the rescue in the first place. 

I lost Barnabee two winters ago and the day he passed he took a little bit of my heart with him. You do not know the true meaning of "man's best friend" until you have a companion. If you haven't seen his adorable mug on any of our marketing materials yet, then I'll be sure to add plenty of photos to the bottom of this post. Barnabee was a gift for my Great-Uncle Verne. His farm dog had recently passed and he was looking for a new companion. My mom and I drove hours in the dark to a backyard breeder (yes, yes I know it's horrible but I was like 10 and my mom and I didn't know better) to pick up a $25 puppy. The house was dark and the yard was filled with chicken wire, makeshift cages filled with puppies of all breeds. He brought us over to the "German Shepherd Lab" puppies and I quickly grabbed the winner and my mom and I ran like hell out of that place! 

Barnabee lived with my family for a few months until he was old enough to live the farm life. During that time, he ignited my love for animals. When the time came, he went to live with my Uncle and we visited them on the weekends. I still considered him my dog although he was technically my uncle's. 

Fast-forward 13 years when my uncle needed to enter an assisted-living facility that only allowed dogs 50 lbs and under. Clearly and very noticeably, Barnabee exceeded that weight limit. The thought of bringing Barnabee to a shelter wasn't an option as the dog had never once been in a kennel. He had never been surrounded by dogs nor in a loud environment. The loudest and most crowded place he was introduced to was our Thanksgiving gatherings at the farm! Living with many of our family members was also out of the question because Barnabee didn't do stairs. Seriously, he had never climbed more than 2-3 stairs in his life. 

I told my boyfriend at the time (now husband) that he needs to buy a house with me like tomorrow so Barnabee could come live with us. Obviously, he was a bit shocked. "Oh ya, and we have to get engaged too because I told myself I would never buy a house with someone I wasn't engaged too". Well, we got engaged, bought a house and Barnabee moved in the day after we signed the papers. 

It was that situation that made me consider the alternative to Barnabee's future. I saved him and boy did I freaking love him. He was my entire life and so much more. He is my WHY and he is why Grey Face is here today. 

Rescue isn't for everyone - it's only for those rare breed of people who have an overwhelming amount of passion for animals and can tolerate a lot of bulls*** drama. You meet some great people and even more amazing animals. 

Barnabee gave me my reason WHY I started this rescue in the first place and give me the determination every day to continue to rescue his senior friends without other options. 

Barnabee is my WHY.

We are continuing our efforts in honor of Barnabee and expanding our rescue to a new facility that will assist in rescuing MORE seniors dogs and providing services to the community. 

Head over and learn more about the Grey Face facility here

We Have A LOT Going On!


Hey all, 

Bethie Gondeck, Executive Director of Grey Face Rescue & Retirement, here.

I've had over 100 excuses as to why I don't put more effort into our blog, but here I am on my fourth attempt at making this a priority so I can keep all those wonderful supporters of ours up-to-date on all the great (and sometimes not great) things to expect in the near future. 


First and foremost, you may have seen my posts regarding our new facility, but here's your official announcement.


Yes, we are SO excited to be EXPANDING, adding more resources for not only senior dog but ALL dogs in need (maybe even a few cats or bunnies). We will offer an indoor, private dog-park, low-cost training classes, microchip and nail clip clinics and so much more! 

Are we over our heads? We might be, but we're determined – so let's just hope we don't fall on our face (although, I won't let that happen). 

Do you have a few dollars to spare as either a cash or in-kind donation? Here are a few items we are needing right away!

Obviously, we will need MUCH more, but we plan to walk before we run and the items here will get us started. If you are interested in other items on our wishlist, check it out here. 

As you continue to follow our Facebook page, you can follow our journey into our new facility. We can't continue to do what we LOVE without your support! 


To say I am excited about the Gala is an understatement! Who doesn't love getting dressed up and what's the best is raising money for dogs in need! You guys, get dressed up, have a delicious meal, drink some much-needed cocktails, listen to fabulous music and be surrounded by dog-loving individuals! This sounds like HEAVEN for me! Tickets will be available in a couple months but at this time, we are seeking SPONSORS! Chat with your employer about sponsoring this event – it's something you definitely don't want to miss and with like a bazillion Facebook followers, your business will receive a great deal of recognition! 

I totally forgot we need some kick-ass silent and live auction items for the event! 

Dogs, Dogs & MORE DOGS

We get, no joke, MULTIPLE requests per day from owner surrenders, shelters, adoption returns, foster returns, etc., which leaves us with 5 billion emails per day – if you could imagine. 

Just an FYI, I totally exaggerate the numbers I throw out there all the time, but hopefully you get the point that it's A LOT! 

Both the events listed above will assist with continuing to care for these dogs. As we've mentioned OVER AND OVER again, we CANNOT save and rescue senior dogs without the funding and foster homes to care for these dogs. We have some pretty sweet faces either seeking to adopt or foster so I HIGHLY suggest heading over to see whose eyes pull at your heartstrings! 

Well, that's enough from me for today, because, well, I have to start prepping for a meeting with Sherry and Christina (over a couple ice cold beers, of course) on how we can continue to do the best we freaking can! 

If you haven't already, head over to our Facebook Page, FOSTER with us, VOLUNTEER for events, or better yet, ADOPT one of the sweet souls awaiting their forever home. 


Bethie Gondeck

Executive Director, Grey Face Rescue & Retirement
Author, Covered In Pet Furr