Thank you to all those who made this years event such a success. We are looking forward to our 2019 Gala event.


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Where Does Your Money Go?

our new home


We no longer want to deny a life due to the lack of a foster home. Foster homes are essential to our mission, but the most fitting foster home doesn’t always appear when needed. By expanding our facility to add short-term boarding options, we will provide safety to more seniors awaiting a temporary safe haven. 


Critical cases



Titan was found as a stray in rough shape. He had major hair loss and itching, massive ear infections and a look of defeat and sadness written all over him. We just COULD NOT say no! We welcomed Titan with open arms and continue to provide him with the veterinary care he needs and deserves. 


Lily was found wandering around a hunting area as the bitter cold was setting in. When we learned of Lily, she had a double ear infection and major gashes on her legs from being caught up in a razor wire. With legs oozing and infected, she could barely walk. She also had large masses on her body as well as lumps on one eye that kept bursting. While we knew we could treat much of these, Lily came with another puzzler: laryngeal paralysis, a condition in which the muscles that normally pull the airway open don't work, making it hard to breathe.